Why Stamps?

We truly care about our customers, and want them to have an amazing experience.  We know some do not enjoy the detail, research and organization that go into planning an amazing trip, but we do.

Great. But I can book it all myself…

Yes. You can. You can spend the hours diving into travel websites, reading blogs, reviews, and FINALLY booking the perfect place to stay. Lots of people do it! But, not everyone enjoys it. If you cut that research time short- you can end up with less than spectacular hotels, a lacking itinerary, and over budget.

Let us put our passion for planning into your trip, and you can follow your passions in your free time kickboxing, knitting, face painting, basket weaving, video gaming – doing whatever you love.

Ok… how much is that going to cost me?

Less than you expect. We do our pricing based on what kind of trip you want to take, and how much time we put into planning it.  Contact us, and we can estimate your consultation fee.