Our Story

received_10207355203038548Hi there!

My name is Emma Trzynka, and I run Stamps Travel! When I’m not at my day job, or planning a trip, I love going to concerts, watching Game of Thrones, daydreaming, playing games, and spending time with my fabulous friends and family. Anyways…

I started Stamps Travel because we love great vacations.

My husband and I always daydreamed about taking a honeymoon in Scotland, but figured that a European honeymoon was a bit out of our price range.

Until, I found the tickets that put our trip within our budget.

Because planning a wedding wasn’t enough work, I decided to tackle planning a honeymoon that involved more than laying on the beach.

I loved every minute of planning our trip.

From late night searches, pinterest boards, reading reviews, finding maps, booking tickets and rentals, it didn’t feel like it added to any of my wedding planning craziness, I was delighted to do it.

We have memories of our honeymoon to last a lifetime.

So, go on over to the Contact page. I’d love to chat about your next trip!